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Vermont native turned New Yorker Myndy K has stomped her way back onto the charts with her follow-up single "Where U R" out on Strictly/Groovilicious Records now. For this single, Myndy worked with former producer Johnny Vicious, who also produced her monster hit "Moments" a couple of years back. The pairing of the two spells victory once again for "Where".

Track #1 (Original Radio Edit - 4:06) wastes absolutely no time in launching into a straight-up trance waft that is a real body mover. K's vocals are dark, but warm and inviting, akin to perhaps a sip hot cider on a cold winter day. Chilling keyboards complete the sound. Track #2 (Progressive Radio edit - 4:16) features introspective lyrics over a rapid-fire staccato backing track, which quickly careens into a house/artful/moody techno tribute. This mix offers a harder flavor than the others if you are so inclined.

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Track #3 (Original Mix - 11:52) Original mixes are always the most interesting because I'm always curious to hear what the artist or producer had in mind for a cut before a remixer gets their hands on it, in most cases, it usually sounds nothing like the final cut. That isn't the case here. The Original mix keeps pretty close to home, with loads of trippy breaks and vocal cuts dropped over a rather pleasing melodic groove. Again, the vocals are warm, almost over-engineered. But still a solid mix. Track #4 (Progressive Mix - 11:52) this mix is a trip down genre lane and features everything from house, progressive, tribal & jungle to name a few. There is a massive build toward the beginning to the song that parlays into this really beautiful plateau almost invisibly. Just as quick, it creeps itself back into the moody bass line that flow throughout the entire set of mixes.

K and Vicious talents have treated them well. "Where" is well conceived and is no exception. Trance/progressive is hot right now and the catchy breaks offer a little something for everyone. A solid 1-2 punch!

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