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This four record set marks Canadian born Murray Grant's debut release here in the US. "I Need Your Love" was written by Murray and produced by Eagle E and Doc B and was remixed in Stuttgart, Germany by top remixer Dip-T-Jones. The US release is out on Tommy Boy Silver and features additional remixes by Gomi who has had great remix success with Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Joi Cardwell.

With a pedigree to top people in the business, Murray Grant's "I Need Your Love" is delivered to us in a well-rounded package of superb remixes on two records.

Side A features the "Gomi's Lair Main Mix" (10:00) and is a dreamy house stomper. Side B1 brings us the ultra lite disco "Dip-T-Jones Disco Lick Remix" (5:54) complete with a brass section. Side B2 delivers the "Original Mix" (6:44), which is a slightly faster retro, friendly jazz standard.

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Side C pumps out the driving dub counterpart to Side A the "Gomi's Lair Dub" (7:46) which features vocal stabs and lots of buzzing underground keyboards. The main vocal is featured and the mix incorporates several breakdowns with the longest one half way through the track. The song then rebuilds into a pounding frenzy - this dub is dance floor ready and really rocks the house.

Side D brings us two DJ gifts - the first is a filtered and fun "Dip-T-Jones" Filter Lick Remix (5:54). The effects are first rate and give us a new track to play with. The last song of the set is the "Gomi's Bonus Beats" (6:44) which is a stripped down percussion set over a bass drum, perfect for DJ's.

Murray's vocals are smooth and in control. The song is very memorable, yet dreamy. The groove is lighthearted and fun. All of the mixes are club oriented and cover a lot of ground to produce a DJ ready set.
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