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You remember Mona Q with her huge hit "Stay In Love" (See NAJM Top 100). Well this talented Jazz/R&B dance pop singer is back with conviction! Her return to the dance music scene is with a track written and produced by the Berman Brothers, who are the team behind Amber. "I Want You For Myself" is the first cut off of Mona Q's forthcoming full length album entitled "Mona Q Unleashed".

Given those facts, all the facets of a hit are in place and the chart potential is huge! The track is brand new and is set to hit distribution very soon. This single is sure to be the catalyst to put Mon A Q at the top of the charts and should keep her there with several other singles scheduled for release in the future!

The Radio Edit (4:09) is a gem in itself. The production is very tight and explodes when Mona Q hits her first note! What stands out on this mix is the way the arrangement progresses as the emotions of the listener build.

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The 12" remix coming in at 7:00 is awesomely crafted, building and building level upon level. DJ's will eat this mix up for it will drive your dance floor to exhaustion! Starting with a progressive kick, the mix blends Mona Q's awesome vocals with the energy of a freight train. The infusion of vocal house and techno influences are a great combination.

Lastly, the Euro 2000 (6:00) Mix is heavy on effects in the beginning giving it a very Cappella-esque feeling. The sounds are heavily layered producing a very rich, smooth experience. I love the melodic interaction between the keyboards and programmer! Mona Q's vocals have a touch of Vocoder action going on that helps to send the track to a different place. Track #4 provides us with an Instrumental (4:09) version to extend mixes with. Track #5 Acapella (3:21) will give all of those aspiring bedroom DJ's a great vocal base for their own remixing of this soon to be classic track.

"I Want You For Myself" is a top notch record from the production team that brought us Amber's "Sexual". Combine that with the fantastic talents of Mona Q, and the sky's the limit. See you at the top of the Charts!

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