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NAJM Music Mon A Q LIVE in Fort Lauderdale!

Mon A Q's got a lot to sing about. Her last hit "Say In Love" went top 10 and was a HUGE cross over from dance to pop radio and her newest hits "I Want You for Myself" and "Feel the Rhythm" are generating spins as well. NAJM recently saw Mon A Q unleashing her show at The Coliseum in Ft. Lauderdale (See Review).

Opening with her signature line off of Mon A Q unleashed (out this year) My Name is Mon A Q - started out the very dramatic entrance of her dancers. Immediately launching into her signature hit, "Stay in Love" Ms. Q instantly had the crowd absolutely singing at the top of their lungs and roaring their approval. Mon A Q's show is visually stimulating - there is a lot to look at, dancers, light-up costumes and the leather-clad star her self. Her numerous dancers stole the show from time to time, spinning wildly on their heads in a break dance frenzy.

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Following up with her next soon to be hit, "I Want You for Myself" a tune written by the Berman Brothers, the song melded from heavy house to trance and then into the just released "Feel the Rhythm" which has already appeared on a radio station compilation out of Orlando, FL.

Up next? A new single of the album called "Rollin" which Mon A Q said should mean something to every club goer. The songs hook is infectious and should do well if released as a single.

As a encore, we were once again treated to "Stay in Love" treatment, yet to a new remix this time. It was very much the crowd who was in control, yelling back the lyrics, louder than she could sing them. A great show indeed!

Mon A Q takes the stage in Fort Lauderdale!

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Mon A Q and DJPJ Backstage! Mon A Q's Talented Dancers

Mon A Q with DJPJ Backstage

Mon A Q's Extraordinary Dancers

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Mon A Q Is Featured in our Listening Booth

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Check Out Mon A Q's Interview

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Check out Mon A Q Online


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