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Moloko - Things To Make and Do (Import Album)  Here's what happens when you mix a fist full of talented musicians with a handful of memorable singles and try to release a full length album's worth of material. The result is a frenetically boring musical landscape that sounds like a local band caught unprepared on stage during open mic night.

On the heels of last summers surprise club hit "Bring It Back", the only savior of this album is their newest single "The Time Is Now". This single also has that distinctive Moloko sound complete with a real string section (very nicely done). The remixes (available now as US imports) should do as equally as well as "Sing It Back" and possible save this album from the clearance bin. The Boris Musical Mix of "Sing it Back" is also included on the album.

Even though Moloko's successes have been on the dance floor, "Things To Make and Do" is not dance album at all. Moloko have cashed in on dance remixes, but do not produce dance albums.

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"Things To Make and Do" is more of an acoustic cum electro coffee house college band album that makes Moloko sound down right bored with the material at hand. The album seldom rises above the "let's make it up as we go along" status.

The real tragedy here is that all the potential exists for some excellent music making, dance inspired or not. The bottom line is that songs speak of experience and give an artist a voice to be heard. In this case Moloko have nothing to say...


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