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A terrific remake of the classic Opus III song (which topped the Billboard Dance Chart at #1 in 1992). This updated trancey / house / hi NRG version is already seeing chart action (#3 on Billboard Dance Club Play Chart & #22 on DMA's HiNRG / eurobeat Top 50 Chart.)

The remixes are by ATB (Club Mix), Jason Nevins (Radio Mix & NY Club Mix), Jonathan Peters & 2 mixes by Eddie Baez (The Eddie Baez Bootleg Mixes). The Baez mixes appear on a separate 12", but I think they are also the last two tracks on the CD (#5 & #6) which do not appear on the credits? The Baez Bootleg mix is amongst the best of the mixes. Its very heavy techno / house with Miss Jane's trancey vocals peeping through. The Jason Nevins NY Club Mix is very hard house and is great for mixing. All mixes are very well constructed with allot of keyboard jabs to get your pulse racing. The mixes are also complimentary to each other. Its nice to see the various personalities coming through each mix.

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DJPJ has already debuted Miss Jane at #6 on his Top Ten Chart!
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