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NAJM Music Michelle Crispin LIVE at Winter Music Conference

Super-star, superstar DJ, I like that, I like that! Joined by a couple of hunky dancers clad all in black, Michelle Crispin took the Winter Music Conference poolside stage by storm with her energetic performance of "Superstar" at the New Artist's Showcase.

Return to Dance Culture Home Page Beyond the Glam and Evil Knievel superstar pants, there's no doubt that Michelle's talented vocal skills are finely tuned to perfection. Her performance was masterfully executed and her pitch was exacting! Drawing from her many years of performing experience (Fem2Fem Lead), it is apparent that Michelle has earned her spotlight. A few bars into the song, the crowd was moving and grooving!
The second number that Michelle performed was assumably a self written melodic Drum N Bass number that we didn't catch the name of, but it was gorgeous just the same. Great things await Ms. Crispin.
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