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Superstar is Michelle's first single off her much anticipated debut album. The track is not only sultry and sexy, but clearly poised for cross-over potential. "Superstar" has all of the makings of a top 40 hit with all of the spicy club flavor!

NAJM Dance Culture The Remix CD consists of 6 tracks. Our favorite mix is the "Star Mix" which is clearly a four on the floor house track. Track #4 (Ecstasy Mix) is perfect if you want to extend your overall mix. Dub fans will find several well produced tracks to use, including #3 (Super Dub Mix). Greg Rule (from Keyboard Magazine) gives us the excellent "Electro Mix". And the final track is the "Star Radio Edit". Definitely a crowd pleaser!

Produced by veteran producer Robbie Hoffman, this tribute to Superstar DJ's all around the world is a sure hit with its hot licks and bouncy beats. It is clear that Michelle is going to make her mark in the dance world with this one!

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  Click HERE for a RealAudio of Greg Rule's Electro Mix of "Superstar!"
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