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Here is another classic Strictly Rhythm looped sample track with a vocal thrown over the top. Following in the exact footsteps of Duane Hardon and Barbara Tucker, "That Sound - Club Mix" (9:08) by Michael Moog is just that all over again. I wish someone over at Strictly would change their tune, or at least the disco loop.

Debuted at last March's Winter Music Conference in Miami, Moog's vocals are over processed and don't rise above average. The repetitious nature of the track borders annoying and the track structure is weak. There are few breaks to speak of and the drum programming is factory presets all the way.

The remix does it's job by giving us an extended version of the original, but few new elements are introduced over its 9+ minute lifespan. The overuse of the instrumental loop (original or not) is not a basis for a good club song. This track is not bad in itself, only another formulated track that goes on and on from an otherwise phenomenal label.

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