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The latest Transport (they've dropped the 'c') album has been released by Kinetic Records- this time UK spin master Max Graham is at the decks. Consisting to two full length mixed CDs, Transport 4 offers a glimpse into the deep progressive house underground genre that has taken root in the UK and is now spreading to the U.S. Disc 1 seems to bend towards a more melodic offering while disc 2 offers pure underground energy fused with underground beats.

CD1 opens with the simple "2 Heavy" by Deep Funk Project and is followed up by "Electronik" by Substructure. But the first sign of a vocal doesn't show up until track #6 which is Sugarglider's "Slow Motion" (Van Bellen Remix) which is the standout of the set with its dreamy vocals, warm pads, and hypnotic beats. Max Graham also offers up his own production of "Tell You". CD2 opens with "The Nelson Effect (Original Mix)" by Bladey and is followed up Blackwatch's "Skin Deep". The album paints with sound rather than presenting a series of songs.
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Each track has a slightly different angle, yet they seamlessly morph into one another creating yet another effect all together. Boon, Ben Pound, Greed feat. Lesley, Sugarglider, Mad Dogs, Murph, Vernon's Wonderland, Ogenki Clinic, Blackwatch, Sonic Infusion, Tata Box Inhibitor, Timo Maas, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hybrid, Underworld, Conjure One and Private Taste all offer up tracks for inclusion on this 22 track compilation.

Overall the listening experience is completely mind numbing. Beats and effects are the primary focus and with the exception of a hand full of tracks, there are few chord progressions or melodies to be found. If you're looking to capture that dance your ass off experience you had last Saturday night and you simply want to get lost in the lights... then slap in a disc and crank up the volume. This is not necessarily my cup of tea but you deep progressive beat heads out there will lap this one up!

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