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NAJM Music Easter With Martha Wash at the Coliseum!

Imagine a tea dance on Easter Sunday complete with the goddess of dance music Martha Wash. This was the case this past Easter at Fort Lauderdale Florida’s newest mega dance club “The Coliseum”. (See Review).

Martha took the stage at a half past ten and set the crowd a blaze with her spectacular voice and warm stage presence. Ms Wash started off with “Everybody Everybody”, a song that she made into a huge hit for Black Box many years ago. She then performed a single off of her “Collection” album that lead us into her “Carry On” single from her debut album. “Carry On” was particularly poignant for Martha recently lost her very close friend and manager last Fall. Her performance was inspiring and clearly let us know that she’s back with conviction and that she’s going to be all right.

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After leaving the stage briefly, Martha returned with her encore of “It’s Raining Men”. Towards the end of the song the entire audience was singing along with her. At one point she spotted the NAJM T-shirt worn by DJPJ and plunked the microphone in front of him at the beginning of the last chorus! Imagine a DJPJ and Martha Wash duet – it doesn’t get any better than that!

After completing her live set, Martha introduced her newest single “Listen To The People”, from the “Sounds of a Better World – Small Voices Calling” charity based in New York. The DJ then slammed on the Kung Pow mix and the crowd went wild.

It is clear that a new Martha is on the horizon, and the dance music world is one again embracing this incredibly gifted woman.

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HM & Martha Backstage

DJPJ & Martha After Their Duet!

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