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Dance driven Tommy Boy Silver Label once again proves that they are the most reliable innovators in danceable electronic composition today. Recently signed Mario Piu, or "Super Mario" as his peers know him, brings us his newest track "My Love" (Techno Harmony). Hailing from Italy, and having had a huge success in the UK with his previous hit, "Communication", DJ Piu is looking to make a splash on the charts in North America.

Having gotten tired of being pigeonholed, some DJ's and Artists have outgrown the house this, or techno that and are creating loads of new sounds for different mixes. "My Love" is one of those singles that can't be jumbled into one specific genre. From start to finish, this CD single explores many different types of dance, including trance, ambient, techno, underground and a slew of others.

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The Original Radio Edit (#1) proves it. This track starts out hugely ambient giving one an overall mellow feeling, yet distinctly crafting a sophisticated, subtle, immensely moving composition that transcends the narrow confines of the ambient genre. (#2) The Dub Radio Edit sways rhythmically from side to side turning the vocal softness of "you are my love" into an escapist trip on or off the dance floor.

The Original Mix (#3) demonstrates the ability to structure a song that is complete to start with, but passes through many changes in rhythm and structure and manages to build to an incredible conclusion. It's unfortunate that DJ's and remixers have fled the fading genre of ambient, but Top Dog Remixers, Boris and Beck Remix (#4) make it sound hip. Scores of pounding beats laced with techno, hip-hop, electro and ambient make their mix stand out. There's only a lean helping of vocals on this mix, but all the various styles fit nicely together to form a coherent musical statement.

Boris and Beck continue their collaboration on the Boris and Beck Dub (#5). Truth is, dubs don't do much for me. Actually, they seem like one long electronic jam session, and like most humans I don't have a very long attention span. The B & B dub is a bit different, using varying degrees of funky beats and breaks, proving that it is possible to salvage a dub! The Megavoices Dub (#6) gives us an overall flair of techno-house heavily mixed with a piano introduction and a couple of vocoders thrown in for good measure. This mix will have stereo speakers bumping at their core.

"My Love" is one of those mixes that can be included in several different types of sets. The heavy beats, shifting melodies, and electro-fried breaks lend themselves as easily to meditation in the bedroom as they would on a dance floor. Any fan of electronica will enjoy these mixes.

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