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MRK Records has a philosophy that is unlike many records labels in that they feel that more is better. Marina’s new “Um Lotty Da” CD album contains four extended club remixes of “Dream Lover” and five extended club remixes of “Um Lotty Da” all in MP3 format. You will of course need a computer to access these bonus files, but once you do, you will be happily surprised!

This is the first CD that we’ve ever come across that offers bonus MP3’s on the disc. Not only are the files nicely compressed on their MP3 formats, but they were professionally done and sound terrific! So if everyone starts to pack their CD's with bonus MP3's you can say that Marina forged that path! Marina, as well as some talented up and coming DJ’s around NYC did the remixes.

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The “Extended Club” version of Dream Lover is first and comes in at (7:09). It is more or less an extended mix of the popular album version. The “Dream Lover Velvet Mix” (7:00) is a stripped down and smoothed out House remix. The “Dream Lover Galaxy Mix” (6:29) is a House reworked number with a dub feel. And finally the “Dream Lover Groovin’ Mix” (7:44) is our favorite remix of the entire set and features a progressive hard house groove that creates a wild synergy about the song. Your dance floor will go nuts on this one!

The second set of remixes feature Marina’s “Um Lotty Da” track. The first is the “Extended Radio Mix” (6:48) and is the Hi-NRG number of the set. The track is reminiscent to the Corona and Real McCoy days of dance music. Next is the slowed down “Vanilla Extended” (5:43) remix that is lighter feeling than the others. The “MkvTruj” (5:18) is a funky retro disco track with a very interesting down tempo feel. The hard housed dub track  “Rios Mayfield” (7:32) is next. And finally the “Mechanized” (7:11) is a hard Euro sounding, almost trance like remix that is great!

Over all the remixes are excellently produced and vary greatly in style. You will have no problem finding the perfect version to mix into whatever you’re playing. All the bases were creatively covered here! We commend Marina and MRK Records for giving us so much on this Album. The remixes alone are worth the price of the CD! Don’t miss out, load up that CD on to your PC and go fishing for the hidden treasure!

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