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Some say don’t judge a book by its cover, but Hot Damn! Marina looks great and sounds even better on her debut album ”Um-Lotty-Da” now available on MRK Records. If you love the euro-pop sound, this entire album is a must have!! The current explosion of Euro pop (think Eiffel 65, forthcoming Aqua) in the US is going to make this album a huge seller!

Marina’s definitely mastered the ever-popular UK sound!  “Dreamlover” is smartly executed with lots of synth sounds to keep your groove on! You know the type of song that even after it goes off the radio or the DJ stops playing it, the song keeps playing over and over – classic signs of a great hook. Coming in at only 3:10; Um-Lotty-Da is the bomb! My only complaint is that the intro isn’t long enough, but I guess that’s what the remixes are for.

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MRK is treating Marina fans to a free MP3 download of “Um-Lotty-Da”. (You can download this MP3 directly from the NAJM site by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page). The album version will fit in just about anyplace, clubs, radio or just jamming in the car. Fast clipped, this song can easily clock in at above 130 BPM!! Marina’s vocals are top notch lending them to an even more believable UK groove.
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“Stay Away Too Long” is extremely Corona-esque and has that good, positive inspiration that is missing from too much of dance music today! You can tell that Marina’s having fun singing these songs, giving them her all and giving her listeners a good time.

Face it; a major part of a good dance song includes good lyrics. This entire album is extremely well produced. The songs fit into the correct place and Marina’s vocals have been well mastered creating a crisp, tight delivery! “Um-Lotty-Da’s” liner notes list Marina as the primary writer – and she knows what she’s doing!

“She knows Your Lyin’” takes a classic twist singing about cheating on your lover and getting caught – this tune is almost as delicious as the supermarket tabloids.

Have you ever wondered what Annie Lennox would sound like sped up to 130 BPM? Think no further, Marina’s husky voice shines through on this tune about “Strutting” your stuff on the dance floor. I loved the break at :58 that features a breakdown and rap of Marina. This is the stuff that good hits are made of. The only issue I have with the song is the strange answering machine voice at the beginning of the song. Can someone explain this, please?

Marina has thought of everything. “Kyrie” explores a tribal / Egyptian sound and creates the mood that forces you into déjà vu about the time you heard something that sounded like this. A truly cool sound and concept, but I’m not sure if people if people could tire of it quickly or not.  The song saves itself at 2:31 by adding a bassy drum track that quickly dresses up the song.

Overall, if you’re a lover of European dance music, you must buy this album! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite albums – and it’s not even a compilation! If you are interested in purchasing Marina’s debut album please contact Roy Kamen at and tell him that NAJM Records sent you. Keep the Faith!

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