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This track is actually a pretty good example of a remix team turning a pop hit into a dance mix. I’m pretty vocal when it comes to labels attempting to make pop singers into dance diva’s (maybe a rant on that is in order) but it’s always a writer’s priority to change their mind!

“I Wanna Be With You” is picking up steam on Top 40 radio and is also featured as the title cut on the movie soundtrack from “Center Stage”. Soul Solution has taken a bland pop song from Mandy Moore and turned it quite successfully into this quasi-deep seated house track. Moore’s vocals on the original track are too breathless – almost as if she doesn’t have enough air to complete the notes. The dance mix does a good job of taking the original vocals and cleaning them up, to the point where most are discernible and fit nicely with the beats.

NAJM Dance Culture
dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) Soul Solution’s combination was right on for this single. They used lots of different breaks, which provide the opportunity to sample the heck out of this song. Also to their credit, most of the sounds are new, so refreshing to see since so many remixers want to duplicate what’s already been done.

Used correctly, this song would fit perfectly in a set with other commercially released dance mixes. I was certainly surprised when I picked it up.


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