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Jellybean Recordings has recently released this album in hopes to satisfy the Mambo fever craze that is sweeping the nation. Clubs are sponsoring Mambo nights, and there are even Mambo themed cruises headed out into the Caribbean this winter.

Featuring several cover hits, “It’s Mambo Time” has already charted to #1 in the UK with the first single release off of the album entitled “(Mucho Mambo) Sway”. Also included on the CD are covers of “Mambo No.5”, “Oye Como Va”, “I Like it Like That”, and “Mambo Italiano”, amongst others.

Jellybean Recordings will be sponsoring “Mambo Nights” at key clubs across the country as well as organizing promotional events at dance studios that offer Mambo lessons. The CD is distributed through Navarre Corporation (1.800.728.4000) or you can contact Jellybean Recordings directly.

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