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Watch out - Tommy Boy Silver has unleashed the talents of Italy's Pop star Malina on the world. "By Your Side" is a huge anthematic cross over potential hit. DJPJ has already added this one to his top tracks to watch future picks.

The set starts with the club ready "X-Union" mix (12:27) which has all the quality you would expect from an Amber, Whitney Houston or Deborah Cox record. We are treated to a huge intro, a wonderful breakdown, lots of swells, and an ample Outro. The length is epic but never loses its punch.

Side B serves up the "Olav Basoki Remix" (6:28), which starts with a huge drum-only intro and develops into a simple track with some retro guitars. The vocals are hard to pick out until the break. DJ's will dig this one a lot. The "X-Union Club Anthem Edit" (7:16) follows and gives us another house stomper that emulates a bit of the Thunderpuss breakdown style.

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Side C brings us the "X-Union Tribal Mix" (12:12) which is a stripped down stomper - just the tribal beats and Malina's silky vocals. There is a really cool and clean break at the song's bridge. Side D serves up the ultra slick funky "Original Mix" (4:50) which is a slammin' house laden track in its' own right. The last version is the "Max Bafa & Giffa - The Monkey Remix" (5:52), which is slightly reminiscent of the Motiv8 people who produced Gina G. The remix moves around from hard house to euro pop with this staccato piano riff and trancey breaks. The "Monkey Remix' would be perfect for a Tea Dance with its cool vocal samples and ever-changing beats.

Malina's vocals are a cross between Taylor Dayne and Amber - and they kick ass. The song is well written with a hugely memorable hook. The production is first rate. The remixes all deliver incredible energy. Dance floors are sure to eat this one up. This is definitely a top of the night record of the best kind. Play this one now for your holiday crowd!

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