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Hitting the ground running is a new duo From Los Angeles that has hit the Music Scene by the name of “SLK” This pair of female vocalists (Sonya-Lee and Kaina) have chosen a true 80’s classic to remake into one they can call their own. “Here Comes The Rain Again” was originally done by the Eurythmics and more recently done by “Barbie” now taking the song and adding a west coast feel to it is SLK who give it a freestyle feel with a commercial house flavor.

Each one of the four mixes introduces a different type of sound to this track while keeping the main feeling intact. From “DJ Epic’s Freestyle Attack” to the Synthesizer driven house cut of the “Orange Skies Excursion” mix “Here Comes The Rain Again” once again makes its way back onto the charts. Working with strong vocals, a great look and a label that is doing it right, SLK is sure to make an impact on today’s dance world.

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