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Taking a departure from the normal is the latest from “Rockell”. “The Dance” taken from the album “Instant Pleasure” this single is smash club track in the making. With hits like “Can’t We Try”, “I Fell In Love” and “When I’m Gone” this versatile singer has teamed up with a dynamic remix team in Hex Hector and Dezrock to release a monster club cut.

The 12” single sports only two mixes a radio and a club cut but that is all they needed to catch the attention of almost every DJ that hears it. “The Hex/Dex Club Mix” is a 9:20 emotion filled ride that you will not soon forget. Pounding and driving every beat with absolute perfection this remix team delivers nothing short of perfection. Using the power and emotion of her vocals and the energy of the bass line you can say that this single is just what the doctor ordered. If you have missed this one run out and find it right away it’s a must add to all play lists.

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