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Ding Ding Round Two. Its Kn back again for another single that is sure to be an underground favorite. The follow up to “Intimidation” brings back Mike Ski once again doing more remixes on this track. This three-mix single features the “Original Mix”, “Mike Ski’s Zulu Mix” and the powerful “Cove Brothers vs Anthony DeVito Mix”.

Drawing on a style that has dominated the sound that X-treme Records is becoming famous for the Cove Brothers mix is a underground cut that builds you up and holds you there while the bottom drops out and then builds back up to meet you right at the top. The vocals are light in contrast to the music, which is nothing-short pure intensity. The samples are just hints of the original sound at the same time taking on a life of their own. Powerful and intense are just two words that describe the general tone of this second of many efforts by the Kn Team.

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