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Showing off many years of the dance world style experience Chris “The Greek” Panaghi has released the latest single to bear his name. The Greek Project featuring Kiki is pumping out “The Feeling” a power driven house track that combines the powerful bass lines of the New York base house sounds with some very energetic synth work that makes this track just jump out and grab you.

A four mix single that has two long and two short mixes for a variety ways to bring this track in and out of any club set. “The Feeling” is a track that works well in many styles of club from house to underground to progressive to mainstream rhythmic. With “The Greek” himself working some of the mixes as well as remixes done by “Guiseppe D” this cut will stand on it’s own with a solid crossover potential. With mixes like the “Big Room Mix” and “Pepe’s Tzatzikeys Mix” this release shows why Chris is so very respected in the music world today.

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