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As remixes usually go I am all for it but not this time. I am a big fan of the funk movement the made the eighties and early nineties what they were. “The Gap Band” was a huge part of that and had some fantastic material making them a staple in every club across the world. Arguably one of the biggest singles was the powerhouse track “You Dropped The Bomb On Me” and a single that is still being played to this day. All I can say is what did you do to this one.

Four remixes on the 12” single each one missing the mark by a different margin. If you are going to remake a quote un-quote dance classic at least leave enough of the original song for that recognition factor. I will say that each of the remixers or teams of remixers went out of their way to make the song unique. I will give thumbs up for their effort and would welcome more versions from each one if they would put back in more of what made this song a classic in the first place. Please don’t ever stop trying to remake a classic song. That is what makes the dance world what it is but please don’t butcher the hits.

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