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Taking a trip down the path of experimentation is another independent label making its mark on the music world. Atomcandy Records has released a four song EP of truly unique material.

Dune which is comprised of DJs Aaron Siegner and Oliver Sasse who are a Montreal based Duo that are at the forefront of that cities Drum-N-Bass movement, coming out of an area that is traditionally a haven for house music, this release is a space age sounding record that takes it to the edge of the experimental world. With songs like “Perceptual Register”, “Superstable Orbit”, “Stalactite” and “The Nerve” Dune delivers a record that leaves you with the futurist feeling that tingles your every sense! Each different track takes the limits of the wide range of synthesizers and pushes them to the extremes.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) For the sci-fi fan this is a perfect addition to your music library and for the house/underground music fan this is one that will leave you with endless possibilities for inserts and overdubs. Pushing the limits of the imagination with heavy and dominating synthesizers and erratic beat tracks “Dune” gives you the feeling that you are in a futurist space station dancing in a virtual reality nightclub. The new millennium is here and the music soaring into the 21st century and Dune is leading the way right into outer space.
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