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The second release from the greatest hits album “The Best Of Book Of Love” is a follow up to the number one billboard club hit “Boy” As follow ups usually go this one is an attempt to match the success of the original hit in this case the single is a real strong track relying on only one remix so far to get it in to the clubs and on the mixshows. “I Touch Roses” is once again an up to date remix of an eighties track that had minor success the first go around. Remix work is provided by Markus Schulz who gives record spinners both a vocal and instrumental mix to work with. Supported by a very strong house bass line and vocals that are reminiscent of the alternative rock movement that dominated the early to mid eighties, “I Touch Roses” does keep hopes alive for a second club hit in a row. “Book Of Love” shows us once again that comebacks are possible.

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