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Making the return to the music scene in style is the group “Book Of Love”. After a long seven-year break the band is back together with their latest release “Boy” which is remake of they’re first hit and as expected they are raising a lot of eyebrows with this scorcher.

The single is a double pack that has two different remixers dueling it out to prove they can drive this single over the top first. Disc One Side One gets right to it with the Peter Rauhofer Club Mix done up in his usual house anthem style that keeps driving on and one from start to finish. With dramatic builds and no relief from the ever-present emotion this one is for the dancer in all of us. It is easy to see why he is up for Remixer of the year.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) The second sets of remixes are the strong work of Headrillaz (Caspar Kedros and Darius Kedros) with keep up the pace with Peter. Any mix you choose you will not be disappointed.

Showing up in mixshows all over the country the potential for this single to make the mainstream market is very evident. Book Of Love may have found the perfect time for music that was ahead of its time the first go around.

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