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"Our Time Is Coming" marks the first full length album by the NY based production team Masters At Work (MAW) since their 1997 critically acclaimed "Nuyorican". MAW is comprised of the DJ / production team of Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez who's signature smooth ethnic jazz infused dance music is easy to recognize in a synthesizer dominated genre. Their music is very melodic in nature and combines impromptu ethnic riffs with studio wizardry for a unique effect. Their first single off the album, "Work" featuring Puppah Nas-T & Denise, is already making the club rounds.

"Our Time Is Coming" is a culmination of several years worth of house singles by MAW and feature long time collaborator India (whose voice usually cuts through me - although this time is a bit more tame), as well as cuts featuring the vocals of James Ingram, Patti Austin, Roy Ayers, Stephanie Mills, and Luis Salinas. With a line up like that, how could you muck it up? They don't.

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The end result is a collection of feel good smooth grooves that have a live caught in the moment spontaneous appeal to them. At points the album sounds more like a jam session than an organized production effort, but this is all part of the informal appeal of MAW.


Released on the NY based Tommy Boy label, "Our Time Is Coming", is a great example of approachable unassuming soulful house that is not only easy to listen to, but immediately recognizable, and fun.

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