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Lustral - Everytime (Import CD Remixes) 

Tracey Ackerman gives us the longing soulful silky smooth vocals that float through this beautifully crafted melodic track. Hands down, the song is gorgeous. We first heard it last year when it came out on a remix compilation set from Ibiza and fell in love with it immediately. South Florida radio stations latched on to the “Red Jerry’s Remix Radio Edit” (3:53) that best serves the song in its seemingly original form.

Track #2 “Mike Koglin Remix” (8:27) is basically a souped up four on the floor version with some euro melodic trance influences. The CD I reviewed was flawed and contained several stuttered skips that made me feel as though I were listening to a worn out vinyl record. I confirmed with Hooj Choons that I did in fact have a faulty disc, but they responded with the fact that the CD has been out for five months and they hadn’t heard of any other complaints. They suggested I take it up with How’s that for customer service?

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Track #3 “Nalin & Kane Remix” (8:36) is more or less a simplistic progressive trance version of the song with some decent percussion, but not a lot of the original song to speak of other than some airy vocals. Track #4 “Timo Maas Remix” (7:38) contains some very hard beats and some interesting vocal effects, but also uses very little of the original song. The promised pay off in this track is the use of a real orchestra part played by the Budweis (no relation to Budweiser) Sinfonic Orchestra. Only the gorgeous section lasts all of thirty seconds and is gone too soon.

Track #5 “Way Out West’s Sunrise Radio Edit” (3:43) is very effective in capturing the essence of the song with its simple mix featuring a piano and some orchestral-like hits played over a shuffled beat. Track #6 “A Man Called Adam Remix” (5:19) is a little out of place, but compliments the collection with its’ acoustic treatment of the song. The effect is a dreamy and melancholy track suitable for coffee bars and not the dance floor.

Usually remixes offer new and interesting interpretations of existing songs, but in this case most remixes offered here strip the gorgeous melody from the track. The appeal of “Everytime” is the simple and alluring melody and vocal track, and once they are stripped for club dub appeal, there is little left.


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