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Lucrezia - Live To Tell (CD Maxi Remixes)
Logic Records' most recent project features Lucrezia in her follow up to last years bona fide smash, "Lookin' for Love" with her new release, a remake of the Madonna hit, "Live to Tell". Here's Logic's music plan, enlist the help of remixers David Morales and Eddie Baez, pick up a great classic cut, dust it off and put some slammin' beats behind it and end up with a great sounding set of mixes just in time for summer!

In at 3:48, Track 1 (Morales Radio Mix) and Track 2 (Original Radio Mix - 3:57) are both ultra smooth mixes with loads of underlying keyboards, with somewhat of a retrospective sound, and Morales has added enough emotion to his mix in particular so the mix doesn't stray too far out there. Logic is dropping the bar with this mixes and is begging for mainstream radio to make these mixes an immediate add.
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On Track 3 (Morales Club Mix - 9:18) Morales revisits many of the sounds that made him a worldwide club namesake a few years back. Transcendental and lush, warm vocals slightly tinged with morphing effects all expertly laid over lush driving rhythms and an all powerful bassline. This tracks pulses with energy. This version is a virtual melting pot between old school and modern contemporary, giving us the best of both worlds. Morales slows it down a bit on Track 4 (Morales Classic Mix - 6:59) giving us a piano driven version that reminds me of "Crush" by Jennifer Paige a couple of years ago. This version could easily show up in a jazz club and pass itself off easily, it's that diversified. The production is first rate and well orchestrated.

Track 5 (Morales Dub Mix - 5:53) completes the "Live to Tell" set - and gives us plenty of drums and keyboard gloss - resulting in an intoxicating, hypnotic state which will probably give this mix plenty of turntable time. Lastly, Track 6 (Nothing to Say - 5:53) rounds out this CD single. This track is a standout from the other mixes, and uses choppy vocals, which sound like they've been put through a blender - and combines it with 70's accordion sample. Good stuff indeed.

This CD set of mixes covers all the bases and should be a hot summer hit. It has plenty of attitude and moods that the club crowd will crave it, and Logic's radio edits are primed for crossover action. Classic production and some new sounds will reintroduce this tune to a whole new audience while keeping the authenticity of the original! It's the stuff the dance floor craves!
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