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Return to Music Page Love Selective El Bimbo Latino - CD Mixes    DJ Mixmaster's (Constantino Padovano) latest release "El Bimbo Latino" on Tommy Boy Silver Label, marks yet another release in his 22 year career that had been highlighted with such credits as Gloria Gaynor and The Tramps. Love Selective is a bone jarring tribal latin house tracks that features a driving bass line and a catchy earthy sounding lead instrumental. Reminiscent of Brazil's Carnival, "El Bimbo Latino" is available with five mixes; 1) "The Mixmaster Radio Edit (4:51), 2) The Mixmaster Flavor Mix" (7:09), 3) "Axwell's Vocal Mix" (7:21), 4) Eddie X's Electrified Dub Mix" (8:29), and finally 5) "Axwell's filtered Bimbo Dub" (6:47).

Tracks 1 & 2 capture the essence of the original mix with the radio edit being a shortened mix. Track #3 has some fun vocals and a lightly faster, lighter beat. Track #4 is more urgent sounding with its heavy club beats and stabbing synths - this mix will drive your crowds wild, and finally track #5 is a filtered dub revisit of Axwell's disco inspired track #3. Overall a great effort. Easy to listen to, simple song structure affords mixability - be sure to add this hot and spicy track to your playlist.

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