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These days, it seems like consumers are always looking for a name brand. Remixing, is no different - so then how can a virtually unknown DJ sell 75,000 + units and still going strong? Not easy, but obviously achievable. In this case it comes to us via Louie DeVito's N.Y.C Underground Party Vol 3 mixed compilation CD. I've not heard the first two compilations, but if Volume 3 is any indication, there's no stopping this guy!

New York based Louie Devito's "NYC Underground Party Volume 3" released on his own label; E-Lastik Recording has seated itself firmly in Billboard Heatseekers charts for months since its release on November 21st, 2000. The continuous mix compilation is an awesome collection of hits, all different on their own merits. The CD has a touch of house diva-dom, which intricately threads its way through much of the CD. Devito's choice of tracks is stellar. Nearly all are or have been huge club anthems and two cuts are otherwise unavailable commercially.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) The UK's former Spice Girl Mel C swings the mix into full gear with "I Turn to You" which sets the mood for a total party atmosphere. Hard to imagine, but he hits full throttle into "Spente Le Stelle" the operatic based club anthem that took everyone by surprise this fall and winter. Which begs the question - how does one remix an opera song into a dance tune? Emma Shapplin answers that question without even trying and Devito works his magic seamlessly mixing it with Mel C. and "The Final Chapter". Zombie Nation's "Kernkraft 400" keeps the flow going giving Devito that edge that will force his listeners to put their hands in the air.

In the mood for NRG - don't worry; Vol. 3 has that to - "Kiss" and "Someone" by Ascension should wet your appetite for this UK based genre. Although the Ascension track is a dub - and those of you who regularly read my writings know that I don't like them. Pulling back from the NRG stuff, the mix slides into the red-hot Ian Van Dahl "Castles in the Sky" which is hitting huge in the States now. This track was one of my favorites when I first heard it, and it remains a favorite to date.

Genre wise, sometimes it seems like Devito mixes his CD's in sets. He meanders back and forth from house to trance and vice versa, but somehow he manages to pull the mix from the left to the right with little effort. Blue Harvest, Hi Gate and Mellow Trax all follow suit and fit into Devito's mold of variety. Darude's "Sandstorm" really gets the remote action on the volume control and then delves into Thunderpuss' Barry Harris featuring Pepper Mashay epic tune, "Dive in the Pool" a fun club screamer. Fate inspired "Don't Want Another Man" by Dynamix featuring Tina Ann gives us their treatment of classic vocal house. Mada & Moody, Black Legend and The Love Bite round an inspiration of great dance music. Devito ends his mix set with the appropriately titled "NYC Underground Party Medley" a unique collage of all 16 songs mixed snugly at 3:57.

Those who disregard dance music as non-commercial should listen to this mix. Devito goes straight for the dancer in all of us based on his track picks. This CD is perhaps the best mix CD I've heard.
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