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CD Non-Stop Mix Album
OK all of you underground dance music fans - this one's for you! Logic 3000 has released the latest installment of its Logic Trance series, which began back in 1995. Logic Trance 5 as mixed by Boston based John Debo (resident DJ & Music Director for club Chrome) is a synergetic collection of underground tunes that will have you grooving in no time.

Although dance music genres sometimes blur, Logic Trance 5 is definitely Progressive House with tribal undertones. The effect is hypnotic and will bring out the raver in all of us. Rather than a collection of identifiable singles strung together - John Debo has seamlessly woven rhythmic patterns of sound together to create a truly continuous ever-morphing listening experience.
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The various tracks don't call attention to themselves, but instead sit comfortably into the mix. Some notable inclusions are "Of Course" by Sean Cusick, "Pakal" by Antahkarana, "Depth Charge" by Cimmera, "Upset Words" by Mark Militano and "That's Why I am Here" by Yoshitoshi. Debo closes his mix with the funky ddH remix of "Rock Rose" off Platipus and the "Tone Depth" vocal of "Rumble fish" of Sporadic Groove.

Logic 3000 has set out to showcase the overwhelming talents of some of the most recognizable DJ's in America, as they should be heard - in the mix. John Debo's Logic Trance 5 is just that - an excellent combination of sophisticate Progressive House artists masterfully married together by DJ John Debo.
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