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Newcomer Lara Fabian is going to make a serious splash on the dance scene with this pumped-up, feet on the floor, airy epic pop song entitled “I Will Love Again” I haven’t heard of her before today, but apparently the folks at her label Sony/Columbia have, and they’re hoping you too. The single, due out April 18, features mixes from Hex Hector, Thunderpuss as well as David Morales. This single better sell a lot of units to recoup that sort of remixing talent.

The Hex Hector mix is pure quality, progressive house, and is catchy as hell. You want vocals, not dubs? This is it. The vocals remind me a bit of Celine Dion, almost airy, like she’s really not supposed to be hitting the notes, but somehow manages. The vocals are full of character and are very driving. Hopefully Ms. Fabian can actually sing like that and she doesn’t have to rely on studio magic for her power.

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Overall, the music composition is hard hitting. The Hex Hector mix comes in at over 10:00; this track will give you plenty ‘o time to search for that perfect next track, hit the tank or grab a beer….Sonic booms with loads of plug-in effects to sweeten the flavor – and simmering hooks help spice up the track even more.

The Thunderpuss Mix, at also just over ten minutes long, is wonderfully done and will prove to be the top of the night record you’re seeking. A lengthy intro (six or so minutes) complete with stuttering vocal samples is afforded for mixing opportunities and the song builds to Ms. Fabian’s vocal delivery.

You like “Melodic House”? This is melodic house. You can’t go wrong with all of these mix masters at the helm, and Ms. Fabian at the mic.


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