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Kristine W. is no stranger to dance music. “Land of the Living” released in 1996 on Champion/RCA won lots of kudos for Kristine. Her first single off her highly anticipated first album on RCA, this single is sure not to disappoint. The single we reviewed by Thunderpuss 2000, the hot remix duo based in Los Angles this song is DIVA, DIVA, DIVALICIOUS!!!

NAJM saw Kristen W. in Atlanta this past summer in a personal setting where she introduced some of her material off the new album. This single was one of them.  We liked it then, and still like it now.

Fantastically delivered, “Clubland” is Kristine’s own anthem to club-goers around the world is chock full of great vocals with lots of hints of what to expect on her forthcoming album.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) I wasn’t sure what to think since the album version we heard was pretty with it in Atlanta. What more could you do with an already great single? Apparently lots! This song is an excellent choice to get the new album out of the gate. Peppered with infectious dance/pop/jazz grooves including “scatting”, vocal samples and bouncy beats, this single is going to be easy to  love.
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With “Clubland’s” trendy TP2K sound and Kristine W.’s very recognizable voice, this single has an excellent chance of assaulting mainstream radio if the label releases a radio edit remix, as Amber did with Sexual (Li Da Di). If “Clubland” is any indication of what the whole album will be like, grab it fast and take a ride!


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