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Picture Ru Paul with Vincent Price's voice and you have the six foot tall beautifully dominating drag queen Kevin Aviance. "Rhythm Is My Bitch" is Kevin's first release and is available on Wave Music, an independent house music label out of New York.

"I am the dominator, you are the slave, and the rhythm is my bitch!" are some of the first words spoken at the beginning of this huge hard-house single, and pretty much sum up the song's concept. Available in many flavors, track one "Original Mix Edit" (4:07) is dark and full of chants emerging from an excellent almost trance-like techno/house track. There is a very nice conga drum break towards the end of the track that reminds us that there are talented musicians behind the scenes. Track 2 "Calderone Club Mix" (4:31) is full of that wonderful tribal synergy that only Victor Calderone can deliver. Track 3 "Original Mix" (6:30) is a longer version of the first track and track 4 "Calderone Club Mix" (9:12) is a longer version of the second track.

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Track 5 "Drum Dub" (5:00) brings us a powerful dub suitable for mixing. Track 6 "Gomi's Lair Main Mix" (7:28) comes to us via Gomi (Junior Vasquez's programmer) and is full of distinct vocal effects and keyboard jabs. The track is bare enough to use for mixing. The last track "Everyday" is a cute lament that goes "everyday the same old story..." and is from his album "Box of Chocolates".

NAJM was lucky enough to catch Kevin's performance last year at the Billboard Dance Music Summit. There is no doubt that Kevin comes from a performance background. I admit I was a little scared when he took the stage. I didn't know what to expect from this massive bald drag queen as he beat the audience into submission with his sharp and concise performance of "Rhythm is My Bitch".

Kevin is one of a kind and is truly forging his own musical identity.

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Rhythm is My Bitch is available on Wave Music


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