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Released on Francois K’s new Wave Music, Kevin Aviance’s “Box of Chocolates” is a clear indication that we should expect new and innovative things coming out of this new label. “Box of Chocolates” is the debut album from Kevin and couldn’t be more appropriately titled. Each and every track is different. While some songs are surprising delights, others you want to put back after biting into them, much like a box of chocolates. Kidding aside, the team that put this album together should be very proud in the fact that they have created something entirely new.

“Fanfare” provides us with a dramatic intro to track #2 “Din Da Da” which is a huge funk tribal number featuring explosive vocal dubs Kevin. We’re not sure what the song is about, but the production is snappy and club ready. The funk syncopated “The Need” follows and is more of a down tempo retro track. Track #4 “Chocolates” returns us to left of center with its underground inspired beats. Kevin and I feel the same way about chocolate, so I relate.

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Track #5 “Do You Know Me” was written and produced by none other than Joi Cardwell and is a great house inspired track that is club primed. Track #6 “Dance For Love” is Kevin’s let your hair down and dance track and is already charting here in South Florida. The song has a great funk inspired groove that allows Kevin to show his softer more melodic side. The most outstanding aspect of this track is the live musicians who perform on it. There is very little programming (if any) on this one.

Track #7 “Everyday” is a cute lament about the daily grind; “Everyday the same old story…”  Track #8 “The Beats” also has that live musician feel and once again brings us to a place that only Kevin can. Track #9 “Cunty” was not well received by our Go Go Twinns, but allows Kevin to cover yet another base. Apparently Strictly Rhythm originally released “Cunty” back in 1996.

Track #10 “The Robots” is pure underground dub work and should appeal to most DJ’s. Track #11 “Join In The Chant” is next and is produced by Twisted America’s Superchumbo. The track is severe, but works. Track #12 “Rhythm is My Bitch” is Kevin’s signature debut single from “Box of Chocolates” and is by far our favorite track. (SEE REVIEW OF REMIXES)

Track #13 “Tonight” is a hip hop inspired track that seems to borrow the lyrics “baby take the time, take the time, do it right.” Taana Gardner serves the other half of the duet up. And finally, track #14 “Home” is a total departure into ballad land and shows us yet another side of Kevin.

Truly eclectic and original, “Box of Chocolates” should be commended for going out on a limb and doing their own thing. There is something for everyone in this box of chocolates!

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Rhythm is My Bitch is available on Wave Music


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