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What do you get when you combine the gorgeous operatic vocals of Danielle de Niese, one of the rising stars at the Metropolitan Opera, with the deep progressive, tribal grooves of Jorio? The result is by far one of the best epic operatic trance albums of the year. Move over Emma Shapplin!

Jorio is no newcomer to the business. He's crafted top remixes for Amber's "Love One Another" and Kristine W.'s "Loving You" as well as worked with Madonna and long time collaborator Junior Vasquez. This time he's serving up a full-length album of classic arias inspired by Purcell, Vivaldi and Puccini on Decca Records.

"Jorio presents Cyber Diva" is a unique collaboration between classical composers and today's technology that produces a widely appealing set of pumping trance grooves that bridge the gap between classical music and club culture. Masterfully orchestrated by Jorio, the album is a perfect fusion of legitimate music and pop culture.
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Consisting of 14 tracks, the only track that is slightly out of place is Euro Hi NRG Pop sounding #12, "Pleasure of Love", but with that aside; the first single, "Remember Me" (See Review) is already a club hit in the UK with remixes by Space Brothers and Junior Vasquez. If progressive trance ends up being just being a trend, Cyber Diva would be the period at the end of the sentence. This album is top notch and definitely worth checking out.

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