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Side A contains the “Move Your Body (House Music Anthem) Filter Factory Mix” (9:20) and opens with a huge drum swell. The track builds slowly and finally settles into the dark underground sound that Johnny Vicious is known for.

Side B contains the “Move Your Body (House Music Anthem) U Can Rok My Body” (5:44), which starts off much faster, Judy Albanese’s incidental vocals are a little more pronounced.

Side C has the “U Can Rok My Body Mix” (8:10) which opens with a carnival sounding drum riff that builds the track until it plunges into the break where Judy Albanese’s vocals are introduced. This track has that very underground, non-commercial sound that is gaining popularity with the 5 am crowds.

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Side D contains two tracks; the “Move Your Body (House Music Anthem) J.V. Original Mix” (6:49), and “Turbo Acid” (4:24) which is more or less just a drum track.

The production is good and very DJ friendly. Beware of the posted speeds on the records (33.3 RPM vs. 45 RPM) for they are incorrectly labeled and might cause an interesting moment while mixing!

Overall if you’re looking to capture that hot New York underground club sound, these are great tracks for you, but they’re aren’t musically memorable.

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