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Mixed By Joe Bermudez
Joe Bermudez is that boy next door DJ who seems to always be on the prowl for action. You may know Joe from his association with DJ Times magazine. "Hard Education" is the ninth installment of the Circuit Sessions series released on 4Play Records out of California. You may remember their earlier released by DJ's like Barry Harris (Thunderpuss), DJ Abel, Manny Lehman, and Roland Belmares. This time it's Joe Bermudez at the decks with a continuous mix entitled "Hard Education".

Somewhat mind numbing, "Hard Education" is all about mood and less about actual songs. The tracks are decidedly hard house dubs. Joe starts us off with "One Night In NYC" by The Horrorist, which is followed up with "Roaches" by Trancesetters.
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Things quickly blur into a frenetic non-stop dance after that. Album highlights include "I Can't Wait" by Dave Aude, "Five Years and Tomorrow" by Marmion, and "Banco De Gaia" by Obsidion.

It is clear that Joe knows the dramatics of controlling a dance floor. The mix is seamless and Joe has compiled tracks that really work well together. Joe is able to translate that late night clubbing experience onto this CD very well. Unfortunately, the album is somewhat tedious to listen to in the comfort of your living room.

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