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This is Jennifer’s follow-up to “The Woman’s Got the Power” and appears on the “Cool Cuts” Compilation on Jellybean Records. As produced by Michael Zager, the 12” vinyl remixes of “Think It Over” contain three tracks.

The first remix is by Thunderpuss 2000 and is amply entitled “The Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix”. Coming in at 9:36 long, the TP2K Club Mix starts off with a tribal sounding intro mixed with an analogue synth that squelches in and out of its envelope. Jennifer’s vocals are first introduced as a loop then develop into the full-blown vocal track. Overall the mix is very tight and excellently produced. The song is melodic and memorable. Jennifer’s vocals are powerful but get a little goofy when the TP2K boys sample one of her screams, then pan it quickly. (We’ve heard this effect on “Woman’s Got The Power” and didn’t like it then either).

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Side B contains two more mixes, the first being the “Original Club Mix” (7:20). In contrast to the TP2K remix, this one is a funky-sounding techno retro that contrast the other mix nicely. It is a simpler mix, but just as effective.

The second track on the B Side is the TP2K “Thunderdub” (8:09). This mix melds perfectly with the “TP2K Club Mix” for extending a mix. But in this case, it’s just the boys; Jennifer has left the building.

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