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Jennifer Newberry Featuring Melodie M.C. – Jump To The Beat (CD Remixes)

Another release from Sweden’s “Cool Music”, “Jump To The Beat” is pure disco dance sugar. The remix contains four tracks, each offering something different. Opening with a retro-sounding “Radio Edit” (3:18), ‘Jump To The Beat” is basically that popular combination - female vocal hook combined with a male rap. The “Fly Shit Remix” (4:25) is a funk dub as remixed by The Europe Kid.

Another mix offered up is the “Late Night Remix” (4:50) and is remixed by Inkfish Collective. This was our favorite mix for it will mix well live with the current club sound prevalent today. Basically a dub track, it manages to stay fresh throughout. With an ample intro, this track is club friendly. The last track offered here is the “Short Rap Version” (2:58) and is basically just shorter version of the first track and could easily fit into radio airplay.

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Jennifer Newberry is just one of many talented artists that NAJM will be reviewing from the Swedish based label “Cool Music” based out of Solna, Sweden.
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