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I hate to say it, but I like this song. I really don’t want to, I mean come on, it’s Jennifer Lopez, movie star – maybe. Dance star – definitely not! The fact that your "seeing" Puff Daddy shouldn’t be a concoction for instant Latin music fame. Maybe she’s done her time in the bottom of the barrel, but probably not. I can only assume I like it because one of New York’s best remixers Hex Hector has totally reworked this otherwise “nothing” of a song.

Injecting a massive jungle, trance beat over Ms. Lopez’s vocals, (eliminating a lot of that unnecessary whoo-oo-oo bullshit that Jennifer likes) Hex spellbinds us with a cross between a vocal and a very mean sounding dub. Can’t say it enough, whether you play the song at the beginning or the end of a night, this mix is going to get clubbers on the floor in droves. The mix is already getting plenty of attention on newsgroups like; and people are simply raving that they can’t enough of the song. But why is it that the only part of the mix they remember is the whoo-oo-oo part of the song? Is it that memorable? Apparently so, as “Waiting for Tonight” clubs charts all over the world including the US, Italy, Spain & the UK.

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Work Records knew exactly what they were doing when they signed this artist. With Latin exploding everywhere and injecting their spice both here and abroad, it’s no surprise that they are marketing the hell out of Jennifer. Don’t take it personal, I’ve heard “On the 6” and wasn’t impressed with it when it came out, and nearly a year later, I don’t feel any differently. I do, on the other hand think Hex has truly turned this song into something palatable. For the sake of other more talented dance artists, let’s hope George Clooney is available to do “Out of Sight 2” soon!
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