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Iffy's "Can O Cope" is about one thing and that is vibe. The group Iffy is comprised of KjustinJ who does the vocals, Dave Pederson who does the guitars, keyboards and programming, and Tom Merkl who does the bass and programming. Collectively Iffy strikes me as a group of guys you'd like to hang out at the local watering hole with. Their music is not only quirky, but original and their personalities seemingly shine through the production.

Side A gives us the "Q Burns Remix" which has a dub counterpart on the B side. The track is minimal in nature yet with the vocal, it becomes deep, creative, and fun. The second track on the A side is the "Album Version" as mixed by Tom Rothrock which is pure carefree wielding ecclectic party music that verges on pop yet remains left of center.

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dot_clear.gif (43 bytes) Side B gives us the "Q Burns Dub" which consists primarily of a slick drum line with an electric guitar riff. The "Q Burns Dub" is pure after hours music. The second mix on the B side is the "Freddy Fresh Remix" which is a twangy retro inspired classic track that comes off as a jam session.

Overall Iffy defys stylistic genres. Are they dance music, house music, pop, electronica, retro... yes they are, but Iffy goes a step further by ignoring current club music trends to go out on a limb. Iffy combines old school grooves and classic rock with futuristic textures to produce something entirely new and they should be applauded for that.

Can O Cope is available on the Foodchain label as well as a full length album entitled "Biota Bondo". For additional information, please contact Green Galactic at

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