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Hannah Jones "Love On - It's Only Natural" (Almighty Remix)

Here’s more of what you expect from the Gods of Euro House over at Almighty Records. It is the epitome of Melodic House. DJ’s, pick up your needle and drop it wherever you want. This cut has no filler and actually more than fulfilled my expectations when I picked it up.

Almighty steps up its usual house production on this song. Loaded with lots of filters, huge sample tracks and keyboard stabs, this mix has so many beats it’s almost impossible for your dance floor to get bored. Ms. Jones’ vocals are ferocious and well blended creating a very seductive sound that even a muddy remix couldn’t cover up. What stands out on this track is its flexibility. The mesmerizing percussion loops define a very “euro” sound, while it’s more wholesome, rich vocals and stabs placate my desire for “heavy house”. A very versatile song indeed!

Listen up Jock’s, keep house alive and play this cut!

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