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Groove 2001 consists of s huge collection (19 Tracks on one CD) of slammin' house tracks as mixed by DJ Rob Boskamp available on Radikal Records. All the tracks are in the 4-5 minute range which puts them right between the radio edits and the extended club mix lengths.

The mix starts off in free flowing Latin party land with the Jazz infused "Negro Can" by Cada Vez followed by Afro Medusa's "Pasilda" which has been popping up on just about every mix compilation recently (so it seems). The familiar "Club Fiesta" by La Fiesta is up next which is followed by the latin tribal "Mixmaster" by Timbales.

The mix continues with the smooth easy house feel and showcases tracks like Cleptomaniacs featuring Bryan Chambers "All I Do (Is Think About You)" which is a Stevie Wonder remake, to Tom Novy's "Now or Never".

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DJ Rene's "Music All Over The World", Negro Can, Bob Sinclar, Black Legend, and Junior Jack follow and are all mixed up in style!

All the tracks have a very similar feel which pulls the set together nicely. From Latin Salsa to filtered disco, it's all here. You may not recognize a lot of the artist's names, but I can almost guarantee that you will recognize their music. Overall a good retro house collection that packs a tremendous amount of quality material into a single disc!

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