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Gods Kitchen Volume 3 - (3) CD Mixed Compilation Album

WOW, what a collection this is. Contained on no less than three full length CDs, "God Kitchen Volume 3" delivers over 3 1/2 hours of continuous music! Compiled, researched, and superbly mixed by John '00' Fleming, "God Kitchen Volume 3" represents all the dj's who perform at Godskitchen - a now legendary club based in the U.K. Touted as an essential Trance collection, "God Kitchen Volume 3" goes far beyond the typical elements of trance and delivers a much more sophisticated European dance music experience. Combining mind numbing deep tracks interspersed with vocal hits, this album has something for everyone!

CD 1 is entitled "Enjoy Life", CD #2 is entitled "Live Life", and CD #3 is entitled "Love Life". Both well known anthems as well as some new underground tracks are featured across the three disk set so whatever type of music you're into, there's plenty here to get excited about.

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With too many highlights to list, some better known tracks that have been included are DB Boulevard's hit "Point Of View", "I Feel So Fine" by Dhany, Way Out West featuring Tricia Lee Kelshall "Mindcircus Phunk", Trancesetters "The Saga", Robbie Rivera "Funk-a-Tron Crazee", Mauro Picotto "Bangkok", and Mario Piu "Sensation Revolution" amongst countless others.

Packing an enormous punch, "God Kitchen Volume 3" has been released by Sony Music just in time for the Summer non-stop party season. The graphics and packaging are quite flashy and interesting, but the typeface they've selected for the track listing renders them almost illegible. That minor flaw aside, "God Kitchen Volume 3" is a specially priced set that has a ton of great music to offer and will certainly appeal to the masses!

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