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Gigi - Illuminated Audio (Chill-Out Ambient Mix Album)


Are you looking for that perfect after-hours chill out album to help you come down from a night of clubbing? Or perhaps you just want a refreshing new listening experience? Look no further, here's the perfect ambient chill-out album and it's Gigi's -"Illuminated Audio."  

Produced by music industry veteran Bill Laswell (who has produced noted interpretations of such icons as Mile Daves, Bob Marley, and Carlos Santana), "Illuminated Audio" is a fusion of musical styles and technology. Consisting of 10 continuously mixed tracks, and released on the Palm Pictures, LLC, label, "Illuminated Audio" is a blend of ethnic textures, progressive rhythms, and surreal vocal samples provided by twenty-nine year old Ethiopian multi-octave vocalist Gigi. The result is a seamless listening experience that is not only beautiful, but fantastic at the same time.

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When Gigi, an artist from Ethiopia, and Bill Laswell collaborated on "Illuminated Audio," the result is this perfect fusion of ethnic instrumentation, funk, jazz, and global grooves. "Illuminated Audio" is a complete reconstruction of Gig's debut album. Dubmaster Bill Laswell has expanded the aural possibilities of Gigi by adding additional instrumentation, as well as remixing new versions. 

There is a definite progression of music styles as the album plays, almost like the UK group Moodswings, whose albums take you on a definitive path while morphing from one theme to another. The same is true for "Illuminated Audio." There is enough stuff going on in this album, that the music never becomes too repetitive or boring. You will find yourself caught up in the ever changing emotions and flowing of the music. Overall an excellent offering from a Gigi and Bill Laswell.

Gigi is currently at work on her second album of original material and is once again working with producer Bill Laswell and long-time collaborator Karsh Kale. The new material focuses heavily on a unique mix of traditional Ethiopian and Western stringed instruments. In addition, Gigi will be performing a series of live dates with Laswell's celebrated live project Tabla Beat Science in 2003.

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