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Never in a million years did I think I would be writing something positive about a Spice Girl! Ok, a former Spice Girl, but this woman's music has flourished since she left the spicy camp a few years ago. Geri Halliwell has taken an awesome stab at the club music gig. Her sound has not only matured, but actually makes sense in this setting.

This is Boogie Nights 2000 from the word go. If you replace the words "Bag it up" with "Boogie Nights" you have almost the same track complete with brass hits and string rolls. This track although sometimes a bit cheeky, is most certainly a have fun and dance your ass off club hit! Your crowds will appreciate this light hearted ode to days gone by.

With a very theatrical intro, and a busy Outro, "Bag It Up" Bold Beautiful Glamour Mix (7:36) will serve as a high momentum feature track but will require some careful mixing on the DJs part to make it flow with the rest of the mix. Overall a fun tune!

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