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This delicious little track is a gorgeous combination of hot guitar licks and a steady anchoring house beat. The remixes on the CD are served up by by Warren Clarke, Danny Sullivan, and Kemist. The guitar in this track, serves as a vocal of sorts with its smooth and slicing effects and the track is filled with plenty of builds and breaks. "Guitarra G" is also loaded with lots of Latin inspired percussion all laid smoothly over a fell good groove.

Perfect for an early evening crowd, or a late night chill-out affair, Guitarra G is completely original, well produced, and very catchy! The G-Club name is fast becoming a remix and production credit on many club tracks nationally. Gerard Elms has worked with Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Danny D, Rhythm Masters and DJ Disciple.

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Available in 5 flavors, 1) "G Club Original Mix (8:41), 2) "Warren Clarke dub (7:38), 3) "Danny Sullivan & Icemist Mix" (7:57), 4) "Terry Lee Brown, Jr. Mix" (7:03), and 5) "After Life Mix" (5:52). My favorite mixes are the first and the last. The original mix captures the essence of the track the best while the remaining remixes are dubbed up effects driven versions suitable for late night play. The last mix offered up is "After Life Mix" and is pure chill-out Nirvana.

This single is another sure bet release from Tommy Boy Silver!

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