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Future Primitive are Anthony Martinez and Christian Scott who have created such powerful club anthems as "The Lightning", "Music Makers", and "The Future". This being yet another underground offering from this duo. The 12" vinyl consists of three tracks, the first side containing the "Main Mix" (9:13). This track is a very dark underground numbing techno track with a few spoken vocal dubs. The track definitely has that DJ produced sound as it morphs from one aural experience to another. The track is angry and aggressive and is best served up at your next Rave and kept away from your house divas. You will however have fun controlling the lights with this one!

The second side consists of the "NYC Mix" (6:45) and the "Dark Tribal Mix" (6:59). The "Dark Tribal Mix" literally takes you into a bush sounding jungle / restless native track complete with head hunter-like vocal chants. The effect is fun and can be used for effect in any mix.

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