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"Universal Language", a double cd album available on Holland based on the Black Hole label, is by far one of the best progressive house mix albums to come along in quite a long time. Not since last year's Spundae/Jerry Bonham release has a progressive house album transcended the genre. Admittedly I received this album last summer, and didn't get to listen to it until just recently, but the outstanding quality of the mixing and exemplary tracks are worth a mention long after the fact.

Packaged in a book like binder (first rate innovative packaging), the album was compiled and mixed by Netherlands based Fred Numf who began his DJ career with mixing in the early 80s. By the 1990's Fred worked as label manager for several European labels that focused on the Progressive House genre before starting his own remixing and production efforts. Fred even started his own "Perpetual Tunes" label. With remix credits like "For Da Crowd" by the Voodoo Dolls, Fred has a staggering amount of work to his credit. Fred even includes his own "Fred Numf vs. Etienne Overdiik: Wasteland" track on CD2.

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"Universal Language" is Fred's first mix compilation and easily stands up to progressive house superstars like Digweed and Sasha, Anthony Pappa, or Chris Fortier. The two 11-track each cds contain different mixes that each tell a slightly different story, one that is a bit more melodic, while the other is more rhythmic and deep. Both will lose you in their deep textures and mind numbing beats. The mixing is truly seamless, and while the nature of progressive house is about an overall effect and less about individual tracks, Fred's musical background enables him to mix the album from a musician's stand point of view which is a nice change.

Some notable album highlights include: DJ Tiesto's "Flight 643", Starcase's "Lost 22" (Max Graham Remix), Bedrock's "Beautiful Strange" (Moonface Remix), and countless others. There are no single tracks that try to outshine the others, but combined, create a substantial collection worth owning. With many more releases forthcoming, Fred Numf is definitely a DJ / Remixer / Producer, to keep you eye on!
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